Smile with Hope

One of the founding core values of Mekong Hope Surgical Fund was that people with clefts are beautiful, just as they are. In society, so many of the friends we have helped have been...

Five New Smiles

June 2019 was the first official collaboration with the Wa State Women’s Federation and Mekong Hope Surgical Fund. 5 young children had successful cleft lip repairs and one girl had a cleft palate repair....

More Than Just a Surgical Repair

One of the things I love about Mekong Hope Surgical Fund is its holistic care of patients and their families. It really goes way beyond a safe, quality surgical procedure. I’m passionate about speech therapy....

A Long Journey for Amy

Amy was born in a poor, rebel-controlled area of NE Myanmar. When she was about two years old, she developed a small sore on her lip. Unfortunately, this developed into a flesh-eating bacterial disease...

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