Open borders, brighter smiles!

2022 saw the easing of Covid restrictions in many parts of the world. Our family moved to Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand where we have been able to partner with the local YMCA and Overbrook...

Smile with Hope

One of the founding core values of Mekong Hope Surgical Fund was that people with clefts are beautiful, just as they are. In society, so many of the friends we have helped have been...

Welcome to Mekong Hope

Hi, I'm Alexandra Jagelman. I have been living and working in Southeast Asia as a primary healthcare professional for more than two decades. I'm passionate about holistic care, strong, healthy families, and community transformation. One...

More Than Just a Surgical Repair

One of the things I love about Mekong Hope Surgical Fund is its holistic care of patients and their families. It really goes way beyond a safe, quality surgical procedure. I’m passionate about speech therapy....

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Open borders, brighter smiles!

Smile with Hope

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