Worth the Wait for Ai Long


Little Ai Long lives with his grandparents in a remote part of NE Myanmar. His uncle is a modern day hero through the love and perseverance he has shown to Ai Long. Ai Long has been refused a cleft repair 5 times due to a heart defect. I was determined to do what it took to give sweet Ai Long not just a new smile, but a fully functioning heart as well.

Ai Long and his uncle

July 2019 A month after Ai Long came to Kunming, Ai long had successful heart surgery to repair the significant defects. The surgery was funded by a combination of donations from Wa Women’s Federation, Mekong Hope Surgical Fund and a number of local Chinese donors who heard about the need through social media. 

Denied cleft surgery so fighting to get his heart defect repaired

Nov 15th 2019  Bao Ai long had his heart defect repaired 6 months ago and that all looks ok. He has a kidney stone. He has signs of an infection that we thought might have been from the kidney that they now wonder if it is pulmonary TB. The Wa Women’s Federation are supporting the medical side of his treatment whilst I continue to encourage his uncle and advocate for Ai Long liaising with doctors and surgeons to get him the most effective treatments.

Heart defect repaired, waiting for cleft surgery

Nov 26th 2019 Ai long’s cleft lip finally repaired. Almost 6 months after coming across the border hoping to have his cleft lip repaired, today his dream came true! 

Ai Long giving us the thumbs up and obviously feeling great after a long journey of multiple surgeries, infections but finally, he has a heart repair and cleft repair and is feeling great! Now we’re waiting for Covid19 to end so he can come back for his cleft repair and then start school!

2020, Ai Long looking great and feeling strong!

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